About us

We believe that it’s a moral and business imperative to invest in maintaining our planet

17tons empowers companies to make better, more ethical climate investments with guaranteed impact.


Our Founding Story


Our Founding Story

17tons was conceived by a father and son duo, Giuseppe and Francesco Gagliano. The idea came up during a conversation about Francesco’s university thesis on innovative applications of blockchain technology. Francesco was writing about cost-sharing expensive medical equipment by allowing individuals to purchase shares.

The conversation evolved into a discussion on how their business and technical backgrounds could intersect in a way that supports climate efforts, and the company was born. The two founders mobilized a group of the best operators, environmentalists, and technologists. The resulting team of eight calculated their carbon footprints over the course of the year, and the median result was 8.5 tons. To go beyond the minimum, the team agreed that 17tons should be removed per person per year, and that this symbolic measure became the name of our company.

Our Team

We Truly Love Nature

At 17tons, we are unified by a belief that the actions of each individual have an impact on the wellbeing of the collective, and that altruism and reciprocity are as important now as ever. We embody these values within our organization, and hope to empower other individuals and businesses to do the same.

We see a new paradigm in which businesses become a tool for regenerating nature and contributing to the greater common good, and aim to be at the forefront of this shift but helping value natural capital both economically and ecologically.

Giuseppe Gagliano

Founder - Research & Innovation

Susanna di Vincenzo

CEO & Co-founder

Francesco Gagliano

Product Manager & Co-founder

Mariga Perlongo

General Management & Co-founder

Nahla Salem

Marketing - Global Partnerships & Co-founder

Angelo Gurrieri

Operations & Co-founder

Raffaella Aghemo


Sebastiano Cataudo


Giuseppe Giannone

Business Development Consultant

Fernando Antonio De Nigris

External Relations

The Extended Team

Our Technical Scientific Ecosystem

Our Technical  Scientific Ecosystem partners are a group of professionals and/ Institutions, who operate with the aim to monitor and identify key trees/forest characteristics that are used to estimate carbon to correctly capture the value generated through ecosystem services


University of Tuscia

Prof. Riccardo Valentini

The Director of the Division of Climate Impact at the Euro- Mediterranean Center on Climate Changes and a Professor at University of Tuscia . He received the 2007 Nobel Peace Price for his activities within the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Prof. Giorgio Masoero

The Turin Agriculture Academy

Marcello Merlino

Paulownia Piemonte

Giuseppe Sannicandro


Chiara Flora Bassignana

PHD University of Gastronomic Sciences - Pollenzo

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