Bees Day

Natural ecosystems, life of the environment and friendly technologies

Let’s celebrate the #APIs with the Sustain Hive project . The ecosystem has created a connection between virtuous companies that love nature and the Planet and wish to invest in the near future: Libraesva , Cyber-Bee R1 Group , Azienda Agricola Ovriè , Apisfero .

For some years, European hives have been severely infested by #VarroaDestructor , the most dangerous parasite of bee colonies. Varroa is the leading cause of bee death in Italy. #Apisfero’s BeeVS technology has already counted 2,007,317 varroes. The automatic counting of Varroa in precision beekeeping allows to intercept the outbreaks inside the apiary allowing a timely intervention to safeguard the health of the colonies. A respectful and bee-friendly prevention technology.


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