ESG Portal and 17Tons have embarked on a strategic partnership to identify and build on the existing value of projects in the field of environmental sustainability.

The two companies share a similar DNA that is geared towards environmental sustainability. To date, 17tons and ESG Portal have established themselves in providing innovative solutions to support companies in managing climate goals and adopting sustainability standards that have tangible business benefits and adheres to the global standards to champion the C02 reduction targets by managing their emissions and carbon footprint effectively with greater alignment to the EU regulations.

The goal of the partnership is to collectively  deploy each company’s  innovative core assets to arm clients with a wide array of services to accelerate their sustainability efforts particularly in   reducing emissions effectively incompliance with environmental regulations and, last but not least, avoiding the exclusion from financial, insurance and credit circuits that are increasingly penalizing companies that do not comply with regulations. 

17Tons allows the companies to offset their carbon dioxide emissions by providing access to carbon removal credits through digital solutions for data collection, calculation, invoicing and insurance that are available almost in real time, and in adherence with the relevant MRV standards.

Planting trees using a measurement of their economic value by means of Artificial Intelligence is one of the most innovative components of the Carbon Footprint reduction policy. The technology monitors trees and plants real-time in the camp providing various data sets on each tree and  , measuring the gaseous volume and tracking growth and generational evolution.

Above all, in order to be “sustainable,” you have to be aware of your own positioning with regards to the ESG criteria (Environment, Social, Governance) and ESG Portal provides companies with a technologically advanced and easy-to-master tool that allows them to evaluate their Sustainability Rating.

ESG Portal is the first digital international platform that allows for the publication of an ESG Declaration concerning performance, actions promoted within the ESG framework through a shared scheme, and for receiving an ESG Rating measuring compliance with ESG principles in the environmental, social and governance areas.

“The partnership between ESG Portal and 17Tons lays the groundwork for the creation of an ecosystem populated by partners offering solutions to achieve goals in the environmental realm that also fit within the wider ESG criteria and, therefore, have a significant value in the Environmental, Social and Governance sectors.

Alessandro Toschi, Business Development Manager and Board member

“For us at 17tons it is crucial to establish ecosystems, the way nature teaches us. For this reason, we are thrilled to start this partnership with ESG Portal as it allows us to establish an ecosystem based on our joint skills, expertise and love for the planet, all the elements needed to make a difference and provide quality services to our customers and to mother Earth” Said

Susanna di Vincenzo, CEO 17tons

The road ahead is long, but it can no longer be avoided. Protecting the planet is everyone’s duty as well as their right. For people, and more importantly, for the companies since they are responsible to a greater extent for the problem. Today, everyone is required to put in real effort towards reaching environmental sustainability, in the first place by committing to a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.


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