17tons is powered by cutting-edge technologies

that enables us to offer the most robust measurement and verification on the market


Measuring the Carbon Captured in Projects Real-Time.

Our composable platform combines climate technology, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain to create a full-stack offering for our clients.17tons is making high quality nature-based investments verifiable and transparent for companies and their stakeholders.

Climate Technology

Agroforestry design allows us to match trees to the environments where they are planted, so that we can preserve and restore biodiversity. We use RFID chips to identify each tree, its GPS location, land owner and planting date. These chips allow us to ensure each tree’s carbon removal is only counted once.

Internet of Things

Smart sensors are planted among networks of trees to monitor the entire system, including air and soil quality.

These sensors support the interconnectivity of each tree’s data with the forest and translate it to the central 17tons platform.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning algorithms (AI) aggregate the data from forests and analyze it to certify the amount of carbon removed and value generated. The use of AI allows for a more accurate estimation of impact because of its ability to layer multiple data sources and types in one analysis.


The translation of data from planted trees onto the blockchain allows for a real-time view of sequestration and biodiversity in an ecosystem.

It also allows users to exchange their trees, and creates a permanent record of that tree’s carbon removal for years to come.

Block Chain

Our product is built by a team of experts across climate,
software, hardware and commercialization.

We are discerning in our use of technology, incorporating only the technical innovations that help us deliver on the needs of our clients. Our expertise enables us to build a tech stack that maximizes our product’s accuracy and durability while adapting to the dynamic needs of the market