17tons' Metatons: Redefining Environmental Impact With Climate Tech

Metatons’ data integration approach

Revolutionizing environmental metrics

At 17tons, we are at the forefront of utilizing advanced climate technology to catalyse meaningful environmental transformation. Our Metatons platform embodies this innovation, blending state-of-the-art AI, high-resolution satellite imagery, and responsive ground sensors. This integration ensures we deliver comprehensive and reliable performance metrics, essential for the success and impact assessment of nature-based projects.

We continuously evolve our climate tech capabilities at 17tons, ensuring we provide extensive monitoring, detailed analysis, and comprehensive reporting. These services are meticulously designed to effectively support and enhance the impact of nature-based projects.

Data-Driven Excellence in Climate Tech: Exploring Metatons' Core Capabilities

The core strength of our Metatons climate tech platform is its unparalleled capacity to consolidate data from a multitude of sources, significantly enhancing measurement accuracy. This is achieved through the deployment of our advanced proprietary models, which are the cornerstone of our platform’s high precision and reliability in environmental assessment.

Metatons tech blueprint: a deep dive

Mobile app

Our user-friendly mobile app is an invaluable resource for field operators, streamlining the collection of essential data like GPS coordinates, tagging, and size measurements for precision and efficiency in data gathering.

Ground sensors

Meeting the diverse needs of various projects, our selection of IoT-based ground sensors, including spectrometers, dendrometers, microphones and soil moisture detectors, captures real-time data crucial for detailed environmental insights.

AI at the core

At the core of our technology are advanced AI models, expertly processing various data types. Tailored for specific ecosystems, these models are validated using a combination of remote sensing and thorough ground data to ensure accuracy and dependability.

Remote sensing

We utilize diverse types of satellite imagery to conduct in-depth analyses of ecosystem health, providing a comprehensive overview of environmental changes and trends.


Emphasizing security and transparency, our platform employs blockchain technology for secure, unalterable data storage accessible to all. With Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), project data is rendered verifiable and traceable, maintaining integrity from origin to evolution.

Explore Metatons: elevate your environmental impact

Dive into the world of Metatons at 17tons, where advanced climate technology meets practical environmental solutions. Embrace a tool designed for effectiveness and ease of use. Whether you’re in the field collecting data with our mobile app or analyzing ecosystem changes remotely, Metatons brings a new level of efficiency to your environmental projects. Join us in this journey of continuous innovation.

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