Partnerships & Ecosystem

At 17tons, we believe in the power of collaboration to drive meaningful change. Our commitment to addressing climate change and environmental challenges is strengthened through strategic partnerships and an extensive ecosystem of like-minded organizations, experts, and stakeholders.

Collaborating for a carbon-neutral future

We are proud to partner with a diverse range of organizations, from NGOs and research institutions to corporations and government agencies, all united by a shared vision of a more carbon-neutral world. Our partnerships enable us to combine expertise, resources, and innovative solutions to tackle environmental challenges head-on.
Research and Development
We collaborate with leading research institutions to develop cutting-edge climate technologies and solutions.

Working hand-in-hand with NGOs and government bodies, we implement impactful projects that drive environmental restoration and carbon reduction.

Partnering with businesses allows us to integrate sustainability into business strategies, creating a positive impact on a larger scale.

Key areas of collaboration:

Our Ecosystem

Our ecosystem extends beyond partnerships to encompass a network of experts, advisors, and supporters who play a pivotal role in shaping our journey toward a carbon-neutral future.

Advisory board

Comprising experts in climate science, technology, and policy, our advisory board provides invaluable guidance and insights.


Forward-thinking investors who share our commitment to carbon reduction and support our mission.


Our engaged community of volunteers and supporters who actively contribute to our projects and initiatives.

Join us in making a difference

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do.If you share our passion for environmental stewardship and believe in the power of partnerships to drive carbon reduction, we invite you to join us on this journey.

Whether you represent an organization, an expert in the field, or simply want to support our mission, there are many ways to get involved. Together, we can create a more carbon-neutral and resilient future for all.

Our main partners

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