Innovative Pathways To Reach A Net-Zero World

In an increasingly dynamic global landscape filled with challenges but also brimming with opportunities, 17tons emerged from an unwavering principle: to regenerate natural capital for sustainable living. This conviction isn’t just contemplation; it’s a deeply embedded conviction that guides us forward, spurring our ambition and driving our actions towards meaningful change.

17tons: a name that is a symbol of our dedication

Born from the intersection of business intelligence and technological innovation for the greater good, a transformative dialogue among our founders shaped the mission of 17tons. This pivotal conversation was more than just an exchange of ideas – it was a moment of clarity, a shared realization of the vast potential that businesses have in driving positive environmental change. A team of experts, passionate environmental enthusiasts, and tech visionaries set out to quantify their environmental footprint. The results were revealing: an average carbon footprint of 8.5 tons per year for each team member. To counteract the climate crisis, merely being ‘average’ won’t suffice. Driven by a goal to reduce and remove 17 tons of carbon per individual, this aspiration not only shaped our primary mission but also gave birth to our distinctive identity: 17 Tons.

Embrace impact with technology

At 17tons, we firmly believe in the power of synergy between technology and action. We understand that impact, whether big or small, can be significantly amplified through innovative solutions. Every initiative we undertake is imbued with this philosophy, as we strive to be a catalyst for awareness and positive transformation within the global movement to mitigate climate change.

We position ourselves not just as advocates, but as vigorous champions of change, utilizing cutting-edge technology to drive our commitment to a sustainable future. Our approach and technology are science-based, designed to transcend mere statements, aiming instead to forge tangible, meaningful differences. We envision a future where businesses are not mere bystanders but active contributors to nature’s resurgence, and where sustainable finance fosters the capabilities of technology to protect and elevate ecosystem values – a belief in the power of technology.

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