Carbon Removal Insights: Comprehensive Monitoring With Metatons

Unveiling the value of natural capital

Metatons is our D-MRV (Digital Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification) system that redefines nature and carbon removal monitoring by providing an advanced platform for nature capital measurement. Our platform goes beyond tracking carbon removal to extensively analyze the health and vitality of natural ecosystems. We utilize artificial intelligence to analyze a wealth of data from satellite imagery and on- the-ground sensors, making the assessment of nature’s assets both trasparent and comprehensive. 

Metatons ensures that your environmental projects adhere to the highest compliance norms. Our platform integrates international guidelines and standards, offering a robust solution for nature-based project assessments.

Comprehensive ecosystem monitoring by Metatons

Metatons’ approach to ecosystem monitoring is comprehensive, focusing on a wide array of environmental indicators, including but not limited to canopy height, biomass, air quality, and soil moisture. This method ensures a holistic perspective on ecosystem health, enabling a detailed and nuanced understanding. By integrating such a diverse range of environmental factors, Metatons offers a complete and data-driven analysis of nature-based projects and their carbon removal effect. This approach yields actionable insights that are crucial for the development of sustainable and effective environmental strategies.

Everything in one place

Metatons’ strength lies in its data integration capabilities, crucial for delivering comprehensive and accurate insights into the environmental impact of nature-based solutions projects. By combining data from a variety of sources, Metatons crafts a detailed holistic view of each project area. This integration allows the platform to identify trends, patterns, and relationships that might remain obscured when relying on a single data source.

Metatons translating nature’s language

Our platform monitors key elements essential to nature capital:

Carbon storage estimation

Metatons accurately estimates carbon storage for nature-based projects, by employing advanced machine learning models, the platform quantifies the actual value of the carbon stored, providing an essential metric for environmental impact assessment.

Forest health

With a dual approach of on ground and remote assessment, Metatons continuously monitors the health and vitality of forests. This vigilant surveillance ensures that ecosystems are not only thriving but also resilient.

Fire risk

Understanding the risk of fire is integral to the longevity of carbon storage in mitigation projects, Metatons assesses this risk, providing insights crucial for maintaining carbon permanence and safeguarding natural resources.

Forest cover analysis

With a dual approach of on ground and remote assessment, Metatons continuously monitors the health and vitality of forests. This vigilant surveillance ensures that ecosystems are not only thriving but also resilient.

Baseline in carbon market

In carbon markets, Metatons plays a crucial role by establishing a ‘baseline’ scenario. This process is essential for determining emissions levels in the absence of project incentives. The platform employs dynamic machine learning techniques to compare satellite data from project areas with similar, unaffected regions, effectively evaluating forest loss. This approach not only ensures project additionality but also helps in preventing carbon leakage.


The platform conducts comprehensive biodiversity evaluations by integrating data from field observations, sensor readings, and remote sensing. This multifaceted approach allows Metatons to assess species diversity, habitat health, and overall ecosystem dynamics within project areas.

Beyond just forests

Metatons is committed to continuous enhancement of its monitoring capabilities, not only to improve accuracy but also to extend its scope to varied natural environments. This includes expanding into maritime contexts, thereby addressing a wider spectrum of environmental challenges. Metatons’ adaptability ensures it remains a versatile tool in the arsenal against diverse ecological issues.

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