Connecting with Nature

United by a deep respect for nature and a drive for innovation, our team at 17tons is dedicated to creating innovative connections that help pivot the balance towards a carbon-conscious future.

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At 17tons, we are a dynamic team of dedicated professionals and passionate advocates for the environment. Our backgrounds are diverse, but we are all connected by a common vision: a strong commitment to integrating technological innovation with environmental stewardship.

Giuseppe Gagliano

Chief Research Officer & Founder

Susanna di Vincenzo

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Francesco Gagliano

Product Manager & Co-founder

Mariga Perlongo

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Nahla Salem

Communication and Global Partnerships Manager & Co-Founder

Angelo Gurrieri

Operations & Co-founder

Angelo Gurrieri

Field Operations Manager & Co-Founder

Sebastiano Cataudo

Platform Development and Blockchain Manager

Federico Chiantore

Data Scientist – ESG Expert

Andrea Gonnelli

Data Scientist – Forest Engineer

Eleonora Cagliero

Data Scientist – Forest Engineer

Kamyar Mohammadi

Data Scientist – Machine Learning Engineer

Rokaya Abdel Rahim

Graphic Designer

Fernando Antonio De Nigris

External Relations – Consultant

Giuseppe Gannone

Business Development Consultant

Technical committee

Our Technical Committee, a collaboration of distinguished scientific minds and esteemed institutions, harnesses advanced technology to navigate the complexities of nature. This strategic alliance is crucial, enabling us to pinpoint essential elements for accurate carbon accounting. In this fusion of natural insight and technological innovation, we find our purpose: to expand our comprehension and strengthen our capacity to conserve our natural world.

Prof. Riccardo Valentini

The Director of the Division of Climate Impact at the Euro- Mediterranean Center on Climate Changes and a Professor at University of Tuscia . He received the 2007 Nobel Peace Price for his activities within the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

University of Tuscia

Prof. Giorgio Masoero

The Turin Agriculture Academy

Marcello Merlino

Paulownia 4 Planet 

Giuseppe Sannicandro


Chiara Flora Bassignana

PHD University of Gastronomic Sciences – Pollenzo

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