The paulownias of the R1 Lease Project # 19milakg in just four months absorbed more than half a ton of CO2

June 16, 2022
The paulownias of the R1 Lease Project # 19milakg in just four months absorbed more than half a ton of CO2

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A few months after planting, R1 Lease with 17tons presents the first results achieved: an absorption of 630 kg of CO2, equal to the reproduction of 2000 videos or films in streaming, on average what each of us does in about a year. The commitment to the environment of society is advancing which, first in Italy, through the Avatars of trees has a proof of the economic value generated and the value of protection to be handed down to generations.

Rome – October 28, 2021. 

4 months after the planting of the 200 Paulownie – trees planted in Lazio for the initiative that opens the doors of knowledge with the Wallet that feeds on C02 and Blockchain, created in collaboration with Dell Technologies –  R1 Lease  adds another step in its commitment to sustainability. The measured values already indicate an absorption beyond expectations of 630 kg of CO2, equal to the reproduction of 2000 videos or films in streaming, on average what each of us does in about a year .

The roots have become plants, or Paulownia trees even over one meter and 60 centimeters high. Every single tree, planted in fields 1 and 2 of the Capra Libera Tutti Sanctuary(Nerola, Rome), lives as an avatar on 17tons computer systems and corresponds to a reference token. The Blockchain registry keeps track and memory of the community of plants adopted by R1 Lease and allows their management and monitoring.

In the near future, a predictive algorithm will be able to add knowledge and better reveal strengths and weaknesses of soil characteristics, texture, grain size, geo-position and other important data. The aim is to improve the syntropy of plants to regenerate the soil, sequester CO2, measure and promote biodiversity. The action has as its final objective the absorption of 19milakg for the pilot project, which was launched on 5 June, on the occasion of World Environment Day.

200 Paulownie at the Sanctuary Capra Libera all of Nerola

R1 Lease ‘s commitment continues to raise awareness among its customers on respect for and protection of the environment. In Nerola, spaces that in the past were used for intensive livestock farming have been brought back to life. The planting will also serve as a sound and exhaust barrier for a heavily trafficked artery. On the website it is possible to consult the project numbers: visualization of planted fields, plant growth data, environmental conditions, alerts on extreme events that can damage trees, estimation of environmental impacts (CO2 storage), tokenization of assets.

“Nature is measurable and its economic value can be estimated, predicted, digitally and socially valued. With our technology we create a hybridization between environment, technology and economy ”- explains Giuseppe Gagliano, Founder 17tons .

A change of perspective

Thanks to this project, R1 Lease plays a role of positive model that influences the personal and working activities of the companies with which it confronts every day. There is a clear need to promote action, at all levels, to combat climate change. The last decade was the hottest period of the last 125,000 years according to the recent IPCC (Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change) report . Greenhouse gas emissions from human activities are currently at their highest level in history.

“In Italy, the ecological footprint is 404% compared to the ability to support us and, on the world” average, it would take 2.76 planets to live as we are doing in 2021. As a society we intend to promote sustainability by embracing the 17tons project and raising awareness our customers with the creation of a green digital identity that will also serve the next generations ”- underlines Alessia Monteleone – Director of R1 Lease.

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