Carbon removal you can trust

We verify natural carbon removal using cutting-edge technology to measure your impact every step of the way.

Our Mission

Empowering Sustainability Investments Through Data.

Protecting the planet is everyone’s responsibility. But for companies committing to sustainability, measuring their impact has been difficult and expensive. Until now. 17tons is making high quality nature-based investments verifiable and transparent for companies and their stakeholders.

Product Highlights

We empower business participation in the fight against climate change. Our technology connects companies with planters to measure, monitor and verify nature-based investments like carbon removal.



Our trees are equipped with RFID tags to identify the plant’s information and collect its data. We then install smart sensors among networks of trees to monitor air quality and plot health in real time. Together, these systems provide an accurate measurement of how much carbon is removed by each tree.


A digital avatar is then created for each tree and linked to the plant’s data source in the field. We use the data from our field systems to quantify each plant’s CO2 removal. Clients can view and manage this data through our simple user dashboard.


Carbon removal certificates are issued based on the tons of CO2 stored in each tree, and each tree’s data is transferred to the blockchain. This provides an unalterable permanent record for each tree and makes it traceable, thus neutralizing problems related to double-counting emissions.

Product Benefits

We provide independent and unbiased data provided directly from the field that is accurately and transparently tracked and attributed to relevant stakeholders in a way that enables liabilities and benefits to be correctly identified, valued and managed.


End-to-end carbon removal and verification. We partner with planters to ensure that only the highest quality removals make it onto our platform, and we manage the process every step of the way.

Live Data

Live data on how much carbon is removed by your trees. This data is easy-to-access and can be shared publicly with your investors, employees and customers via the 17tons platform or through our simple APIs.

Proof of Impact

Proof of impact based on data integrity and immutable record-keeping on the blockchain. In an environment where carbon markets and certifications are constantly changing, 17tons offers permanent evidence of your impact for the future.

Our list of services does not end here. We’ll adapt to your particular needs.

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